AP01. Moldavian Tiraspol Maiden 6n 4.75" (very rare)



The village of Tiraspol lies on the eastern border of Moldavia near the Ukraine, due north of the Black Sea. This village produces a set of maidens quite different than other Moldavian Matreshkas that closely resemble the Semenov sets in shape and style. The face, black hair, yellow babushka and fingerprint designs are similar in both types. However, the Tiraspol sets have orange dresses and a square apron (rather than rounded like Semenov). The flowers are also simpler and these dolls carry large red flowers and small blue buds with greenery.

If a set of Tiraspol maiden Matreshkas is unmarked, it could easily pass for a Semenov set. The clues are very subtle, and you would not think of Moldavia at all. Collectors should closely examine a set of Tiraspol dolls to note the differences.

This is an extremely rare type of doll from the village of Tiraspol in Moldavia. This six piece set was made in the 1980s and has a paper label. These dolls wear yellow babushkas with finger print swirls. These rare dolls are often mistaken for Semenov dolls which have similar faces and scarves, but these dolls have orange dresses and the aprons are square rather than round.

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