AV10. Cone Shaped Art Dolls 4" 3n


Naro-Fominsk (Russian: Наро-Фоминск) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia, situated 70 km south-west from Moscow. Population is 71,000. Naro-Fominsk became a town after the merging of 3 villages (Fominskoe, Nara and Malkovo) in 1926. The town was severely damaged during World War II, after Nazi Germany forces destroyed 687 buildings and a textile factory.

Cone Shaped Russian Matryoshka Dolls Rounded Heads.

Set of 3 delightful nesting dolls of an unusual shape. The small piece of documentation that accompanies the set is dated Nov. 1992. The dolls are brightly dressed in green sarafans with red hems decorated with flowers. Their blouses are yellow and they wear red babushkas. Their condition is excellent. The dolls measure 4", 2.5" and 1.5".

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