BA01A. Zakopane Polish Maidens Yellow 6n 3.5"



In contrast to the Russian sets that are much more delicate, the Polish dolls as a group serve more as children's toys than as objects of art. Made of pinewood, these dolls are spray painted in an overlapping fashion. The details are then added by hand. Most of the Polish sets are painted in this fashion. A protruding nose on the largest doll of a set is characteristic of this style. Unfortunately the toy factory that produced these sets has closed down, so Polish sets are going to become increasingly difficult to locate. The sets that were produced by the factory include the Sailors, the Maestro, Hansel and Gretel, the Egg sets, and the Grandmother set.

Another type of Polish doll is the Zakopane maiden. This is a small set of dolls that has vertical stripes on her dress. They are available in various colors, or in a natural wood tone.

These dolls come from the town of Zakopane in Poland. They are quite small and delicate. These dolls all have blue eyes and black hair. They wear suits with vertical stripes.

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