DC60. Japanese Daruma 5n 2.5"



The Japanese Daruma is a fierce looking, round doll, without any arms or legs. The doll is so manufactured that it will get up by itself every time it is turned down! Hence, a Daruma doll is a symbol of patience, perseverance and an undaunted spirit.

The name Daruma is a Japanese derivative from the Indian "Dharma" (lit. enlightenment), the name of an ancient Buddhist rank. As the story goes, a Buddhist monk of the rank of Dharma once came from India to China, where he sat in meditation for nine years without stirring, till he lost the use of his legs.

The Daruma are one of the most popular dolls of Japan and are used as a good luck charm, often being wished and prayed upon. At New Year time, many Japanese individuals and corporations buy a Daruma doll, make a resolution, and then paint in one of the eyes. If, during the year, they are able to achieve their goal, they paint in the second eye. Many politicians, at the beginning of an election period, will buy a Daruma doll, paint in one eye, and then, if they win the election, paint in the other eye. At year end, it is customary to take the Daruma doll to a temple, where it is burned in a big bonfire.

The Daruma is used as a good luck charm. They are purchased on the first day of the new year to insure good fortune for the year to come. This is the Chinese version of the Daruma.

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