FA01. "Belikow Matroshka" 4 nest, 2.5"



Argentina engaged in a very limited production of nesting doll sets. One Russian family immigrated to Argentina and began a family business of doll making. These sets are like little jewels, miniature and delicate. Sets like these first appeared in the US in early 1986. These dolls were purchased prior to 1990.

Svetlana Belikow made these Argentine dolls. They were turned by Svetlana's husband and painted by her in the fashion of pre-communist Russian dolls. You will see them in certain old souvenir Russian books. Her brother who did not speak English brought them to this country and he went with his suitcase of dolls and in small shops he would sell the dolls.

Berta of The Dolls Nest said: It was interesting the way I found my way to her dolls. Her son was a priest in Monterey and I sought him out and thru his wife contracted to buy the dolls. They were very expensive but I bought all I could get. Remember, there were only the traditional dolls then.

The Belikow Matroshka represents a synthesis concept of the Russian matroshka. Shiny colors, a lovely, friendly typical Russian face, with a high forehead and serious eyes, huge flowers and a meticulous varnishing. Everybody who once has visited Russia and has an interest in Russian folk craft will recognize her characteristic expression. This Belikow Matroshka symbolizes plentitude and fecundity. The emphasis on this particular Matroshka is put on the wood veins pattern.

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