FA15. Argentine Belikow-Tsar 7n 5"


Painted by Svetlana Belikow and patterned after drawings by the Russian artist Ivan Bilibin of "Tsar Dadon" in Pushkin's fairytale "The Golden Cockerel".

A royal family. The TSAR, the tsarina, the tsarevich and the princess in full royal vestments. The Tsar is 4.5" tall and has a long white beard and hair. The next two dolls are the Tsarina (3.5") and the oldest adult daughter (2.5") and are dressed in similar robes. The inner dolls are children dressed slightly differently – two boys (Tsarevich) with brown page-boy haircuts and blue trimmed caps and collars alternating with two girls (Princesses) with blond hair in long braids in the back tied with blue bows. These dolls are 2.5", 2", 1.25" and 0.75" in size and are painted with remarkable detail, especially the tiny braids on tiny princess dolls.

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