BA60. Nowysacz maidens 6n 3.5'


Nowysacz maidens from Poland:

Even though the Collectors Guide to Nesting Dolls features several sets of dolls from the Nowysacz region of Poland, these dolls are extremely rare and sought after. The author Michele Lefkovitz once told Lori of Collectible Nestibles that she had photographed the Nowysacz dolls in a museum but did not have any of the sets pictured in her own collection. Lori also said that she had only seen a set of Nowysacz for sale one other time. That set sold on eBay for over $300, and Lori lost the auction, but had regretted not bidding any higher ever since.

This rare nesting doll set was made in Poland, and are known as Nowysacz maidens. The largest doll is just shy of 3 1/2" tall, and the smallest doll is 1 1/2" tall. The dolls wear green babushkas, and red necklaces. The hands are clasped in front. The dolls are in good condition, with only one thin crack that I can see across the base (underneath) the largest doll running up one side about 3/4".

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