DA01. India Family Planning Set 7.5" 4n & DA02. Happy Family (empty)



When the interest in nesting dolls was peaking (1988-1993), many other countries got into the act. Some countries, such as China, were prolific and produced dozens and dozens of styles. These were marketed cheaply by mail-order catalogs. Another country, with close ties to the old Soviet Union, was India, with whom exchange programs were set up. The production was village-quality and occasionally interesting and better than average.

These are old nesting dolls from India. They are called Family planning Doll (spelled planing) and Happy Family. The Family Planning set 7.5 inches and has three dolls inside of which the 2nd doll has a split and the smallest one has some paint loss. The Happy Family Doll, which is 8.5 inches tall, is empty.

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