DB05A. Turkish Wood Spindle Dolls (solid)



There are some very rare nesting dolls that were made in Turkey. The dolls usually have no markings on them, but one seller had a letter from Michele Lefkovitz that identified the dolls as Turkish. They have very distinctive faces and hands, and the inside lathe work is very crude. There are two types of these dolls nesting and Kokeshi type non-nesters in graduated sizes.

Set of solid wooden dolls from Turkey. Two dolls have a mat finish and are of a man and woman dressed in bright colored costumes and the woman has "hand made in Turkey" written in ink on the underside. They are in good condition but there are a few wear/rub marks on their .The other glazed figurines are of a family with a man, women, girls, and a small boy. They are also painted with bright colors, wearing "ethnic" dress. The largest doll is 4½ inches tall and the smallest 1½ inches. The undersides of all the dolls are unpainted wood, probably spindles. The dolls are at least 25 years old (as of 2005).

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