JC10. Civil War Military Nesting Dolls 5" 6n (1992)


American Heroes – Nesting Dolls by Prudy Vannier

Prudy Vannier is an internationally known decorative painting teacher and publisher of fine decorative painting instructional books. She also designs tools and shirts for decorative painters.

Hand painted by Prudy Vannier, the collection was produced in limited quantities in 1992 for sale to National Parks and gift stores. www.prudysstudio.com

This set is 5 pieces largest 5 1/8", depicting in order of size, Jefferson Davis 5 1/8", U S Grant, Robert E. Lee, N.Y. Soldier, Confederate Soldier, all hand painted by the artist. P. E. Vannier. ©1992

Jefferson Davis has a vertical flake on the flag about 1/2" by 1/8", otherwise in excellent condition, no box.

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