PJ80. Unusual Nesting Doll Postcard - 1906


This 1906 postcard shows seven nesting dolls with a message in French. Some wear to the edges and corners. Creased upper-left corner tip. Light soiling.


"Dear little boys + girls, I hope that your portraits (!) will please you, they are not very flattering + Like seems to have fattened : Sou seems to be transported by the scent of the flowers that she likes so much; Peep as is her habit makes eyes; Renée is laughing while showing Codine who is just about to sneeze, Odette is looking to her with ignanimity while Alain looks very full of importance! With that a good kiss to all + everybody + see you on Sunday in eight days. ~~ Gub. 5.6.06"

Addressed to:

"Countesses A. I. E. R. C. O. le Grelle, Count A. Le Grelle in their castle from Dryhock Pulle -- from Anvers. through Grobbendonck Bouwel".

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