AI01. Ghostly Karelia Black Doll 3.5" 3n


Petrozavodsk, Karelia Region (North West Russia):

Petrozavodsk is the capitol city of the Republic of Karelia Region of Russia. This region is located in the North-West of Russia. Karelia borders on Finland in the West, on Leningrad district in the South, on Murmansk and Archangelsk district in the East. In the North-West the Republic is washed by the White Sea in Western Siberia.

This type of nesting doll is not listed in the Collectors Guide to Nesting Dolls, but can be found in Poland, and Europe and available in a variety of colors – usually drab black, gray, green or orange. Initially, we thought that these dolls were from Kalinin (now Tver), since they are identical in shape and size as a certain type of Kalinin woodburned doll (such as AH03 & AH04).

This is a very old style of USSR doll. The dolls are dressed in black with red flowers and drab green leaves. The dolls have black hair, and a ghostly pale faces.

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