AR01. Vintage style Yoscar Ola Maidens 4" 8n


Yoscar Ola:

Traditional dolls from Yoscar Ola known as Marijaha have an Asian look due to the oriental influence in this city. Dolls from this region are very small and tightly nested. Even the smallest set can contain up to twelve dolls. The dolls of older sets have red belts that tie at the waist and a babushka which folds under the chin instead of ties. The newer sets of today have a red band at the waist and the babushka ties under the chin. The only variation in these sets is the color of the babushka. Alternating yellow, red, blue, and green.

This is a Russian Nesting Doll-- otherwise called Babooshka from the Yoscar Ola region of the USSR. This is the older style of these dolls with the colored scarves folded under the chin rather than tied. They are hand made and have some age.

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