AS01. Druzba 5n 5" (very rare)



The Druzba Matreshka is made in the Southern district of the Soviet Union. She has been called a member of the wedding party. These oriental dolls wear Moslem caps and veils. The Druzba sets vary greatly in color. Their clothing is painted in simple geometric designs. White dots accent their head caps or bands. The Druzba sets are probably the most colorful dolls of the Southern region.

This is an extremely rare doll from the Druzba region (USSR label). It was originally purchased in 1989. The maidens have traditional Moslem veils and are painted in green, red and yellow.

This set was purchased through Berta at The Dolls Nest and sold by a friend from her nesting doll club who bought the doll new. These sets are extremely rare and hard to find. Berta had just bought a slightly different Druzba set for $275.

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