AU02. Bogorodsk Nesting dolls 6", 5n



The city of Bogorodsk in central Russia is in the Nizhny Novgorod province (also the location of Polkhov Maidan). This city is know for carved wooden sculptures and toys – often bears or animals on a paddle that work with tools or otherwise move.

According to Vitaly at The Russian Shop: Bogorodsk is not as well known for nesting dolls as for its bear carvings, both figural and toy (paddle toys). But now that Russia is a free market, the talent that is located in the old settlements such as Bogorodsk, Sergiev-Posad (which is nearby), Semenov, etc. has to adapt. And I think one of the more recent adaptations is the production of nesting dolls in Bogorodsk. Prior to 1991, I never saw nesting dolls from Bogorodsk. And those from Sergiev-Posad were "Made in Zagorsk", as the name changed after 1991. I would have to say that there is a similarity to dolls from Sergiev-Posad and Bogorodsk. And the latter does make them in a highly traditional manner. The wood is typically indigenous linden and the form of decoration is also traditional. The only thing is that Bogorodsk dolls identify themselves, in some fashion, as being made there. The bulk of the wood-burnt, foil, and painted dolls I've seen are from Sergiev-Posad, where, I think, more dolls are produced.

This is a very nice woodburned and gilt gold foil nesting doll of Bogorodsk style. The thick dolls are decorated with brown stain, pastel faces with blue eyes and pink cheeks.

They are decorated with woodburned flowers and nicely done gold leaf design.

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