AX30. Ukrainian "Not Alone" Doll 4" 3n


This is an unusual style of doll that can be found in Poland. It was presumed to be from the USSR, but from an unknown region. The dolls have a very tall, slender shape similar to the Oblong Maiden sets. The brown haired, blue eyed maidens wear yellow scarves. The two largest dolls wear blouses with full flowing sleeves and blue floral aprons.

Originally, our friend found only a single doll like this, which she listed and named “Alone”. Later she found other sets like this, but which she called “Not Alone”.

Eventually, in 2005 our friend found a paper in one of her dolls that says the doll is from Uzgorod, Ukraine 25.06.90. The number is a date indicating the dolls were made June 1990.

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