DC80. Japanese Ejiko Kokeshi 6pc Set 2.75"



These dolls are named after a basket for carrying a baby, that Japanese farmers used take them to the field while they were working. This kokeshi doll is a representation of a baby in a basket. This style developed into a whole new type of Kokeshi, became a unique style of its own, and is now called EJIKO Kokeshi. Some Ejiko are hollow; carved inside with the upper part of the doll (from neck up) serving as a lid. These are Ejiko that can also be used as containers. They are collected both by Nesting Doll collectors and Japanese Kokeshi collectors.

Beautiful Japanese Wooden Ejiko jar style Kokeshi Dolls. This set of contains one large kokeshi jar with 5 small kokeshi dolls stored into the largest one. Largest doll is 2.75” and made with a movable head (nodder). Signed by the artist.

This set is in excellent condition with marvelous colors and a unique variety of 5 kokeshi dolls inside (1” tall).

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