DH01. China - Authentic Models mint in box 5n 7"


Authentic Models of Holland – (Made in India and China)

This company, originally based in the Netherlands is best known for making nautical models, gifts and museum reproductions. They began making nesting dolls in 1982 in a factory in India, which later burned down. Production of these dolls was later moved to a factory in China. By the 1990 more than 30 or 40 styles were made. Later sets from China were sold in cloth drawstring bags in green boxes.

This is a Rare old set of nesting dolls. Rarely do you see one with the original box and drawstring bag. They have never been played with, just been sitting on a shelf in the box for years. The box says they were hand-painted in China - Authentic Models. The tallest is an elephant and is a little bit over 7 inches tall. There is the elephant, a Penguin, a Rhino, a Monkey and a Koala Bear. Absolutely Perfect condition - high lacquer finish with beautiful colors in the animals. The box is in great condition except for a little loose on one of the sides, but still holds them nicely. Not torn at all. The inside of each wooden animal is a number handwritten.

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