FE12. Large Italian Family 8.5” 10n


This large family set seems to be Italian from the painting style and their blue side-glancing eyes. The father is 8½” tall and has wispy brown hair, a wavy moustache and rosy cheeks. Their clothing is decorated with simple metallic gold and silver wavy accents to give them an embroidered look. The oldest son has a moustache like his father and all of the men and boys wear vests and solid pants. The mother and daughters wear decorated bonnets that come to a long point down their back, decorative jackets and white skirts accented at the hem.

The largest doll has a large crack that has been glued and some paint scratches on the top of the head. The dolls have some chips around the opening of each doll. There are no marks or stamps on the bottoms of the dolls.

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