FG01. Vintage Shmoo 6n Nesting Dolls + Book


Shmoo lay eggs, give milk, make steaks, and if you like to eat them, they die of sheer happiness! Their hide makes the finest leather or cloth "depending on how thick you slice it". Their eyes make "wondiful" suspender buttons and there are no bones. When two shmoos meet, they immediately fall in love with each other. They love to bowl, and race and they multiply faster than rabbits... They are based on the comic strip Lil Abner by Al Capp.

The nesting dolls are vintage 1950's There are 6 of them. The largest of them does have chips missing around the rim of the top piece, and a hairline crack on the top. The third one has a chip on the inside of the bottom piece and is not visible when joined. The tallest is 5 1/2 inches tall. Book The Life and Times of The Shmoo by Al Capp 1948 (missing the front and back cover, but a fun book).

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