FE32. Golliwog Style Nesting Doll 6.5” 5n (UK)


The “Golliwog" (or Golly) is a character of children's literature created by Florence Kate Upton in 1895, inspired by a blackface minstrel doll which Upton found as a child in her aunt's attic in Hampstead, North London. The character, depicted in the books as a type of rag doll, was reproduced, both by commercial and hobby toy-makers as a children's toy. The toy was known as a "golliwog", and had great popularity in North America, Britain, Europe and Australasia, into the 1960s.

One reason he has remained popular for over 100 years is because of the James Robertson & Sons. The U.K. company started using Golliwog as their advertising mascot in the early 1900s and he wasn't retired until 2001.

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