Nesting Doll Types

The following are some Traditional styles of Nesting Dolls 
from areas of the former USSR:
Traditional Semenov region dolls
Traditional Polkhov region dolls

Traditional Zagorsk style (now Sergiev Posad)

Traditional Kirov dolls (often Staw inlaid)

Traditional Kalinin Dolls (Woodburned) now Tver

Traditional Mordva Dolls

Yoscar Ola and rare Druzba or right

Moldavia style (rare Tiraspol on right)

Traditional Ukrainian dolls.

Unique Kazakhstan sets from:
Silk Road Painting: 

Dolls from the Brest region - now Belarus.
Vintage nesting dolls from other Countries:

Traditional dolls from Japan

Tiny Argentine dolls - made by Svetlana Belikow

Old Polish Nesting Dolls and eggs

Plastic dolls - first two from Germany, 
Hong Kong (with box), and Taiwan

Dolls from India.


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