Barb's Nesting Dolls

About this collection:
Barb collects Nesting Dolls (Russian Matryoshka) and has hundreds of sets of them in her collection.  Her husband Steve surprises Barb with new nesting dolls for her collection each Monday morning and we all have a lot of fun building and watching the collection grow.

We document each set in this collection in a notebook with a larger photo of the doll un-nested and displayed, and source information.  If you have any questions or comments about any of these dolls or would like a closer picture of any set, please let us know.

Sorry, this is a private collection and none of these dolls are for sale, but we may be able to give you advice on locating dolls if you see a set that interests you.

Number of nesting doll sets in Barb's collection:
Over 1,000 sets as of August 2008

Traditional USSR Regions:

Semenov Region of USSR

 Barb's Nesting Doll Collection:
  (Click on any photo to enlarge)

Brest Region of USSR (now Belarus)

Southern USSR Regions:
Yoscar Ola, Mordva, Druzba

Kalinin (left) - woodburned designs
& Kirov (right) - straw inlaid designs

Zagorsk region of USSR (now Sergiev Posad)

Santas (Father Frost) and Christmas sets


Larger sets: Brest, Semenov (on left)
Polkhov Region of USSR (on right)

Miscellaneous dolls on this shelf
(more to come in the error growing collection)

These dolls are all very small, around 3" tall.





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