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[Oreo] Oreo is our Beagle, and is a well-loved family pet. He is three years old and loves to eat anything and everything.

"Did someone say food?"

Here he is lounging with his buddy, a stone dog casting.

Oreo is an AKC purebred Beagle. His pedigree contains 58 American and Australian Champions in the last five generations (out of 62 ancestors).

For his owners' family history, please visit our:
Dow Genealogy Page

Oreo at 3 Years:

[Oreo_e3] [Oreo_e2] [Oreo_e4]

Oreo at 1 Year:
[Oreo_c1] [Oreo_c2]
[Oreo_d1] [Oreo_d3] [Oreo_d2]

Oreo at 5 Months:
[Oreo_b1] [Oreo_b2]
[Oreo_b3] [Oreo_b4]


Oreo's Baby Pictures:

Oreo at 2 Months:
[Oreo_a1] [Oreo_a2]
[Oreo_a3] [Oreo_a4]

Oreo comes from a large happy family of Beagles at:
[Cherry1] Cherry Creek Beagles
in Duvall, Washington

Bob & Viv Biesiedzinski

[Cherry3] Oreo's Dad:
Am.Ch.Starbuck Torbay Acclaim

[E-Mail Oreo] Send e-mail to SteveDow@iname.com
Are you a dog or a dog owner? Drop me a line or just say "Aroooo!"


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Aren't beagle puppies cute?

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Photo TwainHeart Beagles, Woodland, WA


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