About Alex

Alex is 15 years old and is in the 11th grade in high school. He is in Running Start and takes most of his classes at the local Community College.

Alex loves to collect things -- Trading Cards, action figures, rocks, foreign money, and coins. He has over:
  • 1,500 Star Wars game cards
  • 500 Baseball and Sports cards
  • 100 Ken Griffey Jr baseball cards
    & 3 Ken Griffey Sr baseball cards

Alex plans to some day be a computer programmer like his Mom and Dad.

Alex loves math and playing video games, as well as computing.

He has Xbox, PS2, PS1, N64
  & a GameBoy



Alex plays the French Horn in his high school's Wind Ensemble and Orchestra, and is very good at it.  He also plays the Trumpet (just like Mom and Dad), and also the Bugle and Trombone. 

Most of the time Alex can be found using one of our six computers (or all of them at once) chatting, playing WarCraft, web surfing, downloading MP3, burning CD's, programming his IRC bot "Argbot"and multitasking to the max.

Alex is also learning to play the Electric Guitar


[E-Mail_Alex] Send e-mail to AlexDow@iname.com


Visit Alex's own personal web pages:
Ace and Nanaki's Game Site 


WinBolo:   Alex's old favorite game is the Internet tank game WinBolo, but he seldom plays much anymore.
You can find Alex on the WinBolo game tracker and the WinBolo IRC chat rooms by looking for

"Acerbee" -or- "Ace"

Visit Alex's WinBolo Page:  Ace and Nanaki's WinBolo Page

If you have IRC chat software, look for server irc.winbolo.com and channels #novasworld and #winbolo and look for Ace.  Also look for "Argbot" lurking around on the channels.  That's the game server irc bot that Alex programmed.

Alex played in the Spring 2002 Internet Bolo League (IBL) playing as "ace".  Even though he was one of the youngest players, he was in the top 20 in the rankings and was given the "Iron Man Award" for playing at least once all 10 weeks.


Alex's Favorite Links
Meadowdale High School  - MHS Music Department
Alex enjoyed the latest craze: DragonballZ
and played the games on his video game systems.

He also watches the cartoon series but is now too busy to learn Japanese.

Boy Scouts of America
Nickelodeon TV
Pacific Science Center
James Bond 007
James Bond Movie List
James Bond Movie Faults

Star Wars
Decipher's Official Star Wars Card Lists
Lucasfilm's Official Star Wars Web Site
Video and Computer Games
GameCheats.net - game cheat database
Sony PlayStation game reviews
Microsoft Xbox Games
Ken Griffey Jr - The Sporting News
How Stuff Works (Cool Site)


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