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[Picture of Steve] Steve works as a Systems Analyst for AMS Services, Inc. and is one of the programmers on the AMS for Windows product and the new AMS 360 web based Insurance Agency Management System.

As a Windows software developer, Steve is called upon frequently by friends, relatives and neighbors for help in diagnosing various software problems. Here is where Steve goes to look up answers to most of these questions:
Microsoft Technical Support
Microsoft's Search Page
[Win95] [Hack] [Win95]
Steve mostly programs in C#, ADO and SQL on the Microsoft .NET platform, but also codes VB, C++, C, XML and HTML on client/server and 3-tier (n-tier) software applications.

[E-Mail Steve] Send e-mail to SteveDow@iname.com


Steve's Favorite Links
Humor and Fun Sites
The Dilbert Zone
Humor on the Web
Easter Egg Archive - hidden software tricks
Trendy Magic - Interactive Style
Free Arcade - free online games

RealAudio and RealVideo
RealPlayer Basic (free download)
RealAudio/Video Site Guide

Edmonds-Woodway High School
Web Page Authoring
Scream Design - Fee graphics
Make your own Animated Ad Banners

HTML Coding
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Goodies (Excellent Tutorial)
NetMechanic HTML Check

MIDI Music
The Midi Farm
RobsWorld TV and Movie Midis
MIDI Options for Web Authors
Cousin Russell is the GraphicMan with Advanced Graphic Solutions:
Useful Internet Tools
Internet Network Tools
LOOKUP a Computer or IP address
TRACE your signal through the Internet
Search Engines - where to submit your web page
IP Address - Locate City
Map Quest - mapping and driving directions


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