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[Picture of Barb] Barb was also a computer programmer, and previously she worked at the same company as Steve as a VAX programmer (and other systems).

Barb plays the trumpet, enjoys reading, collects nesting dolls, and loves movies: 

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Nesting Dolls

About the collection:
Barb collects Nesting Dolls (Russian Matryoshkas) and has hundreds of sets of them in her collection.  Steve surprises Barb with new nesting dolls for her collection each Monday morning and we all have a lot of fun building and watching the collection grow.  If you have any questions or comments about any of these dolls or would like a closer picture of any set, please let us know.

History of Nesting Dolls:
Nesting dolls are hand made of wood and open in the middle to reveal smaller and smaller dolls inside of each.  This type of doll  originated in Japan, but became a traditional Russian folk souvenir when the first Russian sets were made in the 1890's.  The dolls became a popular Russian tradition after they were featured in a Russian exhibit at the 1900 World Fair in Paris. 
Read more here about The History of Nesting Dolls.

Here is our family:  Steve, Barb, Alex and Oreo the beagle, and of course the center of our family is the "Dow Family" Computer. 

 These dolls were painted by Barb's sister Gayle for Christmas 2003.  Sorry, she's out of the nesting doll business.

Nesting Doll Books

A nice 10 nest doll, and some Mini dolls

These tiny mini nesting dolls nest from 5 to 10 deep and are less than 1" tall.

This 40 nesting set from St. Petersburg, Russia is paper thin

Photos of Barb's Nesting Dolls:
Page 1: Barb's Nesting Doll Collection
Page 2: Traditional Nesting Doll Types
Page 3: Nesting Doll Information & Links
Page 4: Barb's Wish List of Nesting Dolls
Page 5: Barb's Nesting Doll Photo Albums


Beanie Babies


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