Nesting Dolls Wish List

These are the vintage nesting dolls that are on our wish list.
Please let us know if you know where we can purchase any of these dolls:
Antique  old style Russian Nesting Dolls:

Old Zagorsk Style families:

On the largest doll, one arm is bent, carrying a handkerchief or basket, the other arm is straight.

The rare sets contain a mixture of boy and girl dolls.
Semenov - typical styles - do not want:

These are the most commonly found types of dolls.
We have all of these types, and counting sets (maidens, chickens, and cats), Eggs and Father Christmas styles.
Pohlkov - with UNUSUAL shapes wanted:

This is also a very common style of doll with distinct large pink flowers.  See other examples

We have several of these but are looking for those with UNUSUAL SHAPES such as these.

Southern regions:
Druzba  maidens - Moslem style veils with dots:

Aiguel sets (male and female) open at the bottom

Looking for this type with the flat head (we have the ones with the round heads and cone shaped heads.
Poland - families:
We are looking for sets with women such as these:

Poland - Nowysacz:

We would LOVE to have this type of set.

They have this unique shape, often with a vest laced across in "X"s across the front, or one large button.

These men wear backpacks filled with hearts.
We have the set on the the left, but are looking for the set on the right with the Rabbit inside.

This set look very much like the Semenov maidens, but the bottom half has an apron.
Ukraine - bullet: Ukraine - conical (with dove):
Russian - oblong:

Looking for older sets with unusual shapes such as these oblong maidens.

Looking for sets from other countries such as Panama, Portugul (Chicco) and Italy
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