_X01. The Dow Family - 5n custom set


Painted by sister Gayle for Christmas 2003, this is our family:

-- Steve holds a stack of papers in his hand (eBay pages) and of course has his cell phone in his pocket.

-- Barb holds the “Steve” nesting doll in her hands. Her white tennis shoes with red laces match Steve’s.

-- Alex (in traditional black t-shirt and tan cargo pants) holds his French horn.

-- Oreo, the beagle has all the right markings, down to the white tip of his tail, and his white bikini line.

-- Of course, the center of our family is The Computer – displaying our “Dow Family” web page

Gayle did a great job painting these dolls and painted them with acrylic paint on blank dolls, and her husband painted Alex’s horn and added five coats of shellac. Gayle also sewed them a nice bag with green ribbon, and Barb was really surprised when she opened it. She laughed and laughed.

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